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Lady Susan: Video Trailer

Here is a 3-minute video trailer composed of clips of the staged reading of Lady Susan, my screenplay based on the novella by Jane Austen.
The reading took place at TheaterLab, NYC June 22, 2012. directed by Constance George and supported by a wonderful cast, including:
  • Jeannie Dalton: Frederica Vernon, Maria Manwaring
  • Liz Forst: Head Mistress, Henrietta Manwaring, Lady DeCourcy
  • Constance George: Catherine Vernon
  • Richard Hollis: Manwaring
  • Kyle Knauf: Reginald DeCourcy
  • Robert Meksin: Sir James Martin, Mr. Smith, Coachman
  • Lawrence Merritt: Sir Reginald DeCourcy, Country Man, Servant
  • George Millenbach: Charles Vernon, 1st Gentleman
  • Alyssa Simon: Lady Susan
  • Dudley Stone: Narrator & Other Minor Characters