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Journalistic Writing

"Redskins Change Their Name"
Satirical piece offering my two cents on the NFL Washington Redskins name controversy.
"Romney Super PAC Announces Vote Buying Campaign"
Satirical piece describing the next logical strategy in the primary elections, now that Super PACS can spend unlimited amounts of money supporting candidates.
A version of this piece appeared in the online satirical publication CAP NEWS.
"Former President Declared Missing"
Satirical piece on the startling disappearance of George W. Bush from the Republican political conversation.
A version of this piece appeared in the online satirical publication CAP NEWS.
"Advice and Consent: The Threat of How-To Books"
Unpublished article written at the height of the craze for How-To books.
"Dairy Issue"
Finger Lakes Times, June 9, 1978
A special edition of the newspaper to celebrate Dairy Month. I wrote five articles for the edition and was awarded a prize in journalism from the New York State Department of Agriculture for my depiction of the lives of the dairy farmers and the state of the industry.
"The Enchantments of the Hundred Acre Wood,"
New York Times, Personally Speaking, July 31, 1983.
A reflective piece on my son, Michael, and the life we led with the characters of Winnie the Pooh.
"Michael's Surprise"
Unpublished story. Unlike the Pooh story, however, this one was fabricated; we never had a cat. But there were several cats in the complex where we lived at the time, and Michael loved to play with them.
"Movie and Theater Reviews"
Ithaca Midweek Observer, Finger Lakes Times, Bri-Mar Publications
Wrote movie and theater reviews for various newspapers in upstate New York and California between 1977 and 1979. Movies included Star Wars, Rocky, Slapshot, Bound for Glory. Theater productions included stagings of Bus Stop, The Corn is Green, The Innocents, and A Taste of Honey.
"Welcome to Seneca Falls"
Finger Lakes Times, July 14, 1978
A special section of the newspaper for which I contributed approximately 20 articles about the town, its people, its history, and its industries.