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Video Clips from A Reading of A Screenplay of The Awakening at
TheaterLab, NYC June 12, 2011

Below are two representative scenes from the reading. Because this was a reading of a screenplay, not a play, a narrator was needed to read the location of scenes and to describe actions or events that would be represented visually on screen, but could not be shown in the reading itself.

The "Calling Cards" Scene (from Chapter 17)

This scene features Edna and Leonce at dinner on their return to New Orleans from Grand Isle. Edna has violated one of the cardinal rules of society by being "out" on one of the days she should have been "at home."

The "News" Scene (from Chapter 24)

This scene features Edna and Mademoiselle Reisz when Edna reveals her plan to move from her house on Esplanade Street and Mademoiselle Reisz allows Edna to see the letter that announces Robert's return from Mexico.